Aki Riihimäki

Born and raised in Länna, a small village of 900 inhabitants, 20 km from Sweden's 4th largest city Uppsala. Uppsala is located 70 km north of the capital Stockholm.

Since the mid eighties Aki has done all sorts of gigs, both with original music and cover bands. For the last 12 years as a professional. To this date he has made 1700 gigs mostly in Scandinavia but also in Spain and England.

Now is the time for Aki to show his songwriting skills and that in the form of his debut album The Road Less Travelled. Be sure to order your own copy or download from iTunes or Spotify.



Every day after school it was time to play on the drums til the day Aki picked up a guitar. Immediately chords and licks came naturally. So it was time to buy a guitar, an old dusty Westone, was bought from Uppsala Musikverkstad. 2 years of 8 hour practice sessions gave result. The skills where getting there. Early inspiration from Ace Frehley and Yngwie Malmsteen has surely put a mark on Aki's style of shredding away. But with the interest in songwriting more sides of how to play the guitar has surfaced.


  • 12 years as a pro
  • 1700 gigs
  • 2 million viewers watching his TV4 shows
  • back up guitarist to the swedish elite
  • released his own CD